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1. Completely Clean Out Your System. When the body isn't full of waste and toxins, you can lose weight more efficiently with the Dherbs 180 Challenge. This is why you will be taking part of tow 20-day Full Body Cleanses.
Get that slimmer, sexier, and healthier body.

2. Lose Weight and Also Transform your Life.
The 20-day cleanse has been known to help people lose between 10-30 pounds. That means you could lose up to 50+ pounds by the time you complete this challenge!
Apart from losing weight, the challenge is also about making changes that will help you live healthier for the rest of your life.


3. We will be with you every step of the way, providing you with recipes, inspirational videos, workout tutorials, and more. That healthier body is only 40 days away.



Phase I
Phase 2
Phase 3



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The product and the challenge were excellent. Thank You.
Since I’ve began using this product my body feels great, and I no longer have aches and pains in my legs, and back. I’ve been able to climb a ladder, walk blocks without becoming winded, and most importantly bend my knees without pain. I was a bit apprehensive about trying Dherbs as I’ve tried other products that claim to provide the same benefits, however Dherbs has made me a true believer. As I continue to use this product, I believe my health will continue to improve.
I purchased The Dherbs 180 Challenge, but ended up only finishing the first phase of the full body cleanse. Although I still benefit from the full body cleanse product a lot, eating raw foods wasn't as bad as I thought. And it made me adjust myself to a healthy eating habit. The Dherbs 180 Challenge helps encourage you to stay motivated and stay on track in the program.
The diet is fairly easy to follow and I enjoyed the new vegetables that I incorporated into my diet. Cravings for junk food are gone.
This product actually works but you have to eat raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the entire time and follow the guide that comes with it. Also drinking plenty of water and exercising helps too. Having a positive mindset also helps. I lost about 27lbs during the 60 days.
First few days were a big adjustment but I ended up losing 8 lbs in the first week alone. This challenge was awesome and helped me re-program myself on healthy eating. Love it!
I feel more energetic and less stressed. I'm spending a lot less money because I am not ordering out everyday. Instead I have a fridge full of REAL FOOD, and I am learning different recipes for when I am finished with my cleanse.
Great product and changes your lifestyle for the better when it comes to a person's health.
I love this program. It's really challenging me as a person.

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